Your local and affordable pressure washer!

Taevin K "TK" Powerwashing

Hi, my name is Taevin K. I’m 14 years old, live in Southlake, TX and I attend Carrol Middle School.

My super cool uncle quickly built this website so I can take things to the next level. (Ya, I’m really that good)

I’m a hard worker, I’ve been power washing for a long time, and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. I also own all my power washing equipment.

All I need is access to your home faucet and you can watch the magic happen.

Still doubt my abilities even though I’m only 14? That’s where you’re wrong. I do a better job than grown men, that’s a fact. (in my opinion)

To prove I’m the real deal, I’ll power wash your first concrete slab for free. If you like what you see (which I know you will), then I’ll keep going.

You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain –  and don’t forget, you’ll have the best looking driveway, pool deck, sidewalk, patio, etc in the neighborhood.

Still don’t think I’m the real deal? 🙁

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 Driveways  $10 /slab
 Patios  $10 /slab
 Retaining Walls  $15 /section
 Trashcans  $10 /can
 Mailboxes  $10

SLAB = 10w x 10h (approximately)
SECTION = 10w x 4h (approximately)